Now Offering Diatomaceous Earth

Red Lake Earth: Diatomaceous EarthWe are excited about offering Diatomaceous Earth for the first time at MAR-VO MINERAL CO.! I have had customers tell me for years we should be offering it, but until we purchased our first sheep for the family farm, I had not taken any action on it. We decided to feed our sheep for the most efficient nutrient supplementation possible and started looking in to more “natural” methods like Diatomaceous Earth and Sea Kelp.

Sea Kelp has great levels of nutrients per unit that are difficult to achieve any other way, especially for iodine. Our Sea Kelp comes from North American Kelp and is harvested from the Atlantic. We add it to our Lucky Ewe Sheep Mineral.

Diatomaceous Earth has a potentially wide range of health benefits for mammals and at least as much potentially lethal impacts on insects. When you can accomplish both in one product, you have a great buy! Our D.E. is from the Red Lake Earth brand, which is naturally enhanced with Calcium Bentonite. Diatomaceous Earth is known as an effective insecticide and wormer when ingested and as a fly control both through ingestion and spreading over bedding.

We are offering the Diatomaceous Earth as an ingredient both by the 40 lbs. bag and mixed in with our Lucky Ewe Mineral. Our product, Lucky Ewe offers an efficient way to control the consumption rate of both the Sea Kelp and D.E., as well as very aggressive but safe levels of selenium and iodine. All with no added copper. PURCHASE YOURS TODAY!