Lucky Ewe: An Innovative Approach

fencelambAt Mar-Vo Mineral Company, we came up with an innovation that just seemed like common sense to us. Here is our approach: “If you don’t need something in your mineral, why have it added and why should you pay for it?” Our mixes are relatively simple and very cost effective. For example, we have found that a lot of the added Phosphorous is completely unnecessary in most diets. This is due to its high levels in most soils and the vegetation grown from this soil. None of our standard replacement heifer growing rations have any Phosphorous nor do our standard sheep mixes. Our major emphasis is on Selenium and we feel it is one of our most important contributions to your mineral program. All that to say, we can still make custom mixes for your specific circumstances. Just ask!

Our sheep mineral mixes are formulated with one main goal: To help make you money with your sheep! Our base mix is a salt trace mineral with no added calcium or vitamins. This is usually adequate for sheep that are not inside buildings and are eating fresh forages. We take the base mix and add calcium for sheep diets that contain a high level of corn. We can also take either our base mix or the base mix + calcium and add vitamins A, D, and E. This adds to the cost, but could be necessary for sheep that are crowded, stressed, fed stored forages, or kept inside.

Have questions? Contact us for information on custom mixes, pricing for bulk mineral, and packaging options for higher quantities of mineral. Our Lucky Ewe in the 20 lbs bucket is designed for smaller operations, but we are fully equipped to handle larger orders as well.